Welcome to VNS College of Arts and Science

We welcome you to this temple of knowledge, VNS College of Arts & Science, Konni is managed by the Vilakkithala Nair Samajam. This institution aspires and is committed to achieve excellence in Higher Education. Our goals include the uplift of the backward and marginalised classes, taking our cue from Sree Narayana Gurus eye-opening message that education is the only means for their advancement and empowerment. Swami Vivekenandas ideal that "Education is a training of the mind inspires us and we assure the parents that the character-building, of their children under our benign care, will be a top priority for us. Late beloved President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, often used to tell the youth that they must have a dream and they should work hard to realize it. We too have a dream, that is, of raising our students to the highest pedastal of knowledge, and to the best of career and character. Let us work unitedly and wholeheartedly, to fulfil that dream. Thank you.

Principal's Message

I am happy to note that the management of the college has clear and proper vision and is constantly equipping the college to attain the vision and mission of the college.....More

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