Department of English

B.A English Language & Literature (Main) with Journalism and Law (Vocational)

MA English Language & Literature

We have a team of well-qualified teachers and a language laboratory to improve communcation skills, ably handled by the faculty members. A film club has been formed for students interested in film making. The Journalism course offers the student a plethora of professional opportunities. The Journalistic media includes printer, television, radio and internet. The course is a passport to a challenging career. The study of Law enriches the content of this course.

Department of IT 

B.Sc. Information Technology (IT)

 B.Sc. Computer Science

 M.Sc. Information Technology (IT)

Our Department of It has been a destination for bright students from far and wide. We have an excellent faculty to cater to their academic requirements. Our university examination results invariably did as proud, with an array of rank holders among the pass-outs in previous years. The IT graduates and post-graduates have opportunities for employment in business, schools, colleges and various Govt. Departments and organizations.

Department of Commerce

 B.Com Computer Application

 B.Com Finance & Taxation

 M.Com Finance & Taxation

Commerce occupies a pride of place among all subjects in the Higher Educatgion sector. It is the most trendy and saught-after course. M.Com. E-Commerce is a bold an innovative academic experiment, on our part. E-Commerce helps in trading in products or services using computer net works, such as the Internet, Electronic, Commerce draws on technologies mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), Invertory Management System etc.The trade industry and commerce need specialists with proficiency in E- Commerce.

We have a brilliant and competant commerce faculty, with the ability and resource fullness to compete with the best in the field.

Department of Management Science


The department has a fine faculty well-qualified and experienced committed to equiping the students for taking up responsible positions in Sales, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. The College is proud of the Departments cent percent results in the 2015 university examinations and continuing excellence in subsequent examinations.

Programme under Faculty of Science

B.Sc Zoology & industrial Microbiology (Double main) with Bio Chemistry & Computer Science (Sub)

This prestigious and innovative course is fully job-oriented. The developing fields of Industry and food science are attractive sources of employment. We have well equipped laboratories and stock of library books in the subjects. Industrial Micro-biology is an area of applied Microbiology which deals with screening improvement, management and exploitation of micro organisams for the production of various useful end products on a large scale.